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S.2.R.E System

Edge Data Collection Solutions

Outstanding Features

Over a dozen processor built to provide agent to collection data, generate flowfile and much more.

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Lightweight Resources

S2RE Agent is designed to be lightweight and efficient, so it can be installed on devices with limited resources, such as IoT devices or edge nodes

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Edge Agent

With S2RE agent you can scale your data collection capabilities by adding agents to different devices and locations.

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Management Agent

Provide command, control, and monitoring of hundreds of thousands of agents with a small environmental footprint to enable edge management at scale.

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Pre-processing capability

Initial processing could be done with some processor like archiving and analyze data using SQL so data will have more value then the distribution make efficient bandwidth and low latency

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Enterprise Security Level

Implement a DevOps-style data flow development lifecycle with S.2.R.E Registry to deliver your flow apps more quickly and transfer them effortlessly between environments

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Automatic Update

With command and control of agent, make agents easy to handle including updating Flowfile, agent behavior and updating version of agent automaticaly

How S.2.R.E works

S.2.R.E is a powerful tool for collecting and routing data from edge deviceĀ 

edge data collection system diagram and cloud iot relation

S.2.R.E System component

The S.2.R.E Agent serves as an auxiliary data collection method designed to complement the fundamental principles of the S2RE Server, particularly in dataflow management. It prioritizes data collection at the source of its generation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features:

1. Efficiency and Resource Optimization: The agent boasts a lightweight design, minimizing resource consumption.

2. Centralized Edge Agent Administration: Streamline and manage edge agents centrally for improved operational control.

3. Data Provenance Generation: Provides a comprehensive record of data origin, enhancing transparency and traceability.

4. Seamless Integration with S2RE Server: Ensures smooth integration with the S2RE Server ecosystem, fostering a cohesive data management solution.

5. Support for Java and C++ Environments: Compatible with both Java and C++ environments, offering flexibility for diverse application needs.

S.2.R.E Admin consists of C2 Server and C2 Agents (clients). S.2.R.E agents implementing the C2 protocol are able to communicate with the C2 server. Currently an HTTP/ HTTPS RESTFul paradigm exists to support C2 capabilities to S.2.R.E C2 agents. At the core of the protocol we find the periodic heartbeat from clients to server. Every command and control mechanism is driven and triggered by the responses to the heartbeat messages. Building on top of this “flipped” direction the C2 Server doesn’t need to be aware of the clients location beforehand, it will be notified by them via the first heartbeat messages.

S.2.R.E Server offers strong and scalable directed graphs for system mediation, data transformation, and routing.


  • Browser based user interface
  • Data provenance tracking
  • Extensive configuration
  • Extensible design
  • Secure communication

S.2.R.E System Diagram

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